Stand By Me Confessions
Hey! If anyone likes to RP…




You should join Konoha High!

It’s an awesomely fun role play where all of the Naruto characters are in High School, and we need more people!

We are currently looking for

  • Sai: to make dick jokes and quite possibly try to steal Naruto away from Sasuke.
  • Rock Lee: to be the best student in Gai-sensei’s gym class and fawn over him.
  • Neji: because TenTen gets lonely [this reasoning can also be applied to Lee]
  • Suigetsu, Karin, Juugo: to be Sasuke’s badass bffs who skip class and get in trouble with him
  • Orochimaru: to be the detention supervisor
  • And many, many more! You can see the full list of which characters are open and which are taken HERE!

It’s a really awesome environment and everyone is easy to talk to and get along with. Even if you haven’t roleplayed before or in a while and you’re thinking about trying it, this would be the perfect place to start! Please! We need more members!

Thanks for reading this everyone <3 I hope you don’t mind me advertising the group after being inactive for a while, but this group is WHY I’ve been inactive! It’s so much fun!!!

>.> This is why nothing has been posted on this page in forever. I used to be obsessed with Naruto, and my sister just got me back into it. I’m sorry, I’ll try to post a confession real soon~

"I ship Gordie/Chris. They were in love."

"I ship Gordie/Chris. They were in love."



I love it when in the film; stand by me, vern comes up outta breath, and then chris (river) sings ‘Sorry (I Ran All the Way Home)’ ahhh its so funny & suuuper cute, the way he sings! ;’)




Completely unrelated to Stand By Me, and I apologize… But if you’ve been following Power Rangers as religiously as I have, you’ll understand it. I never liked Adam, but I feel kinda bad for him here…

UPDATE ON THIS BLOG: Starting tomorrow, I’ll post everything that’s in the ask box, and I promise I won’t dick out and just screenshot it like last time. I’ll sit down and take my time looking for images that are amazingly perfect for the confession.

If you read this whole thing, I love you so much~



I will never ever love any movie as much as I love Stand By Me. 

True facts.

Not totally unrelated to Stand By Me, it’s Corey Feldman. THIS. IS. EPIC. I don’t have cable. I need cable. The new season of Bones starts Nov. 3rd and I’m going to die.

This blog is so great omfg. I was just wondering if you could tell me who submitted the “I’m 14 and I’ve never had any friends… and, it’s pathetic but I dream of being friends with Teddy, Chris, Vern and Gordie. I’d love to go on adventures with them and stuff like that” confession? I know it's anonymous and I respect that, but if you could tell me who submitted it I would appreciate it heaps. n.n

I hope no one minds, but I’m publicly answering this in hopes that the anon that submitted it will message either myself or s3xwithsatan and reveal yourself~ Because I agree with her.

(this’ll be a long one, sorry) <3

Theres something more real about Teddy’s character than any of the other boys, I think, considering what Corey had been going through at the time. Its like he wasn’t even playing a character. It was himself. And I relate to him so much and every time I see the train tracks scene I cry because I feel like maybe part of him that did want to die. And I get teared up at the junkyard scene and when he wants Gordie to end his “lardass” story with him killing his father because, I don’t know, you just really feel for him. The fact that he saw a dead body and it barely changed him, he just walked off to his house singing was amazingly sad. 

Laziness, school and the prospect of a new job have kept me from caring&#8230; Things will change real soon. I promise~

Laziness, school and the prospect of a new job have kept me from caring… Things will change real soon. I promise~

The fact that you've recently made this blog tells me that you are just riding River's success/fandom for all it's worth. Do you honestly think that River himself would care at all if his fans made a webpage about him? He's dead you retard. Grow up. Also, Stand By Me was a horrible movie. There was nothing to it. The acting was shit, the emotions weren't even close to real, and the body looked too fake.

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I believe my response is appropriate~